We’ve all been waiting for the QuicKeyboard, a keyboard for iPhone and Android users which will make your typing experience much simpler since you have the numeric keys, most used symbols and the emojis on just one page and one keyboard.


Finally, a keyboard that makes your typing experience much easier!

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Numbers Row

Finally, the numeric keys are on the same page as the alphabetical keys!

Powerful Prediction

QuicKeyboard memorizes your most used phrases, and makes the future predictions better and the typing experience faster!
Also, you can add all your contact names to the predictive dictionary!


Swipe an emoji and get back to the keyboard, without having to switch between pages!

# & *


Unlike the default keyboard, you can access all the symbols from a single page, without having to switch between pages to get the rest of them. Also, your most used symbols are now a one swipe away, right from the Numbers Row!

... and more ...

Here is an extensive list of features that QuicKeyboard has

... ...


You do not have to go through two pages like the original keyboard to get to the second symbols' page (% # * = etc) are on one page.

Text Replacement

Text replacement feature which makes it easier to replace full phrases by shortcuts


Remove the emojis that you do not use.
Add/Remove all your contacts to the predictive dictionary.


Information is private and nothing is transmitted to any server since you can use the keyboard without allowing full access. If you allow full access you can help us track any bugs in the app to make the keyboard even better. Read our Privacy Policy

How it works



The keyboard that makes your typing experience much easier!

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